tractors for sale in northern ireland

Finding a good value tractor for sale in Northern Ireland could be fraught with issues, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.

The first dilemma you will be faced with is where to buy. A province is littered with dozens of tractor dealers each specializing in a particular brand of tractor. For example in Antrim Alexander Tractors offers a wide range of farm machinery, farm handlers Plant and of course tractors for sale. The research we have done indicates that Alexander Tractors have a outstanding reputation for sales and after service. They can also deliver your tractor to any part of Ireland or indeed any part of Europe. If you live in Tyrone then equally you have some great suppliers to choose from such as Stephen Roberts tractors. They stock a complete range of Ford, Fiat, John Deere and New Holland tractors as well as an extensive range of fertilizer spreaders and other farm machinery.

Used Tractors for sale - Northern Ireland
In Tyrone, Gribben Tractors and Plant, who have been trading since the early 70s supply the home and export market with an extensive range of plant and farm machinery. They also offer an extensive range of tractor tires and 4x4s.
So if you’re looking for a tractor for sale in Northern Ireland you won’t be short of choice. However, you need to understand your farm’s requirements before you spend your hard earned cash.

The things you should consider: what the horsepower requirements? Does the garage off for a service and maintenance guarantee with the machine. If you are buying a used tractor, how many hours has it worked, what are the condition of the tires, have you checked all of the major bearings, have you checked the oil filters, the air filters, if it has a front PTO is this working. It may be worth your while to bring a friendly mechanic or even pay somebody to carry out a full investigation of the used tractor before you purchase. Indeed many dealers when I allow you to take the tractor on loan for a few days so you can fully test it yourself. This way you can test the tractor in the real conditions that it will be used in should you purchase it.
Finally, when you tractor be used as a farm tractor or a construction tractor as this will determine the road worthiness of the vehicle.

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