Buying your first tractor: What to look out for

Are you considering buying a second hand tractor? have a look at the following checklist to help you to find the best fit for your needs carry out and research you should do are the same as those you would make when buying a new piece of farm machinery. Once you are comfortable with what you expect your tractor to do then investigate if your favorite tractor manufacturer produces it will. if there is a tractor manufacturer who has given you great service and great support on your farm then stick with what one. Whatever farm tractor you choose it is essential to invesitgate the availability and cost of spares and to know whether there is some expertise in the servicing of your particular tractor available nearby; In the long run this could save you a lot of time and valuable resources. Over time this could save you a lot of hard earned money and valuable time.

Most of these are just as possible to make if you are buying on the web as if you were purchasing something just down the road. You can then see it running, have a go on it and check out any rattles, bangs or excess smoke.

If you spot your tractor of choice at a price you like being sold elsewhere in Europe then, after checking the back load transport costs, you may well find you still save money compared to what is available more locally; prices may be cheaper in other countries. A tractors brand and model is also important. You shouldn’t necessarily be afraid of older tractors. The restorer will often be basing the evaluation simply on what is left of the prospective tractor and how much to pay.

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