Fendt Tractors history and the Fendt Trisix Vario

Fendt tractors are made by a German company called Fendt. The company was founded in 1937 by a german man called Xaver Fendt in Marktoberdorf, Bayern, Germany. The Fendt Dieselross became a popular tractor and the company grew in the 1930s and 40s to become a major brand. And since then the Fendt Company has been making tractors and farm machinery. The Fendt Company is part of the AGCO Corporation, which it purchased in 1997.

Fendt Tractor Videos

Fendt Tractor Videos

The Fendt Company manufactures and sells a large range of tractors and balers, in more recent years thay have developed and started to sell combine harvesters also. The AGCO COMPANY and the Laverda Company have built a wide range of the tractors, balers and combine harvesters.

The Fendt Company has also developed an advanced gearbox, known as the Vario Gearbox, it was not put into production until 1996 when the Vario 926 was launched due to funding issues. The vario gearbox is considered one of the most advanced gearboxes that have ever been put into a tractor. This advanced gearbox has been used in the JCB Fastrac, Massey Ferguson tractors and many other machines. This advanced gearbox was first produced in the 1970s however because of the lack of money that was available to fund it, it was never actually used, that was until 1996 when the Fendt Company introduced the Fendt 926 Vario.

The Fendt 926 Vario tractor was the first ever to include a stepless transmission gearbox. The main competition for this tractor is the John Deere and New Holland Company who have been struggling to keep up with Fendt’s highly advanced tractors. When this engine is put into a tractor it can be modified slightly to make the tractor go even faster and allow it go at a speed in the area of about fifty kilometres per hour.

The most modern tractor that has been produced by the Fendt Company is the Fendt Vario 936 with the most powerful tractor engines that has ever been manufactured. The Fendt Vario 936 has the same technology and features that its predecessors have, but these tractors have the capability of doing sixty-five kilometres per hour and have a horsepower of three hundred and sixty.

The Fendt Company is commonly regarded as the number one of the tractor world with due to its superior build, design quality and technology and in particular the level of customer service that you tend to receive with it. These tractors are of excellent quality but they considered to be extreamly expensive compared to it’s competitors.

In 2007 at the Agritechnica Show in Hannover, Germany the Fendt Company produced the prototype of the new concept tractor. The new tractor is called the Trisix with horsepower of five hundred and forty. This tractor has six wheels, which makes it a bit easier to steer. As the tractor increases speed the rear axle steering reduces to make it safer and easier to handle. The tractor completely locks when the tractor is in transport mode. This tractor is still only in the prototype stage and there is no confirmed date for it going into production. However, it has created quite a stir in the market to date. Given the current economic conditions it is unknown if the prototype will make it into production in the near future.

There is a wide range of traders that deal in Fendt tractor for sale or lease and there are also a lot of private sellers. The aftermarket for Fendt tractors is very strong, with tractors often been traded between countries. It is possible to buy either used Fendt tractors or brand new Fendt tractors. There are lot of companies who sell the Fendt tractor parts so they are relatively easy to repair when things break down.

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