How to Use a Box Blade to Make a Gravel Road

How to Use a Box Blade to Make a Gravel Road — powered by

This is Ben Ingham with Expert Village to talk to you about putting in a gravel road. OK, this is the box blade. It would go on the back of the tractor in this fashion and there’s a three point hitch that would attach at three points, one, two, three points, and those three points allow you to direct it both up and down and side to side, so that you can get a nice flat, even. There’s a blade on the front of the back, and there’s a blade on the back side so you can go either forward or backwards. The advantage of a box blade is because it is in the shape of a box and it is enclosed on both ends so that it will, if you get to a low spot, it will let it dump out, if you get to a high spot it will grab it up and hold it in the box blade until it gets to another low spot. So it’s great for trying to level off uneven ground.

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    Hi I have a quick question. Road kill: What is the maximum amount of time varmints can be dead before they're no longer good eating?

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    I have a collection of eddle tractors and cars (60-65) units for sale all as one unit. Asking $9000.00?

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